Dick Protheroe 1922 - 1966

CUT 7 racing "E's"

Snetterton March 1963

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CUT 7 was the registration used on three of Dicks racing "E" types. The first, chassis number ,860004, was raced successfully in the early 60's however with the advent of the lightweight 'E' 's and Ferrari, a more competitive car was sought. 860004 was re-registered 636 CJU and sold as a road car much to the delight of the new owner.
No lightweight's were available from Jaguar at that time so a visit to the Jaguar parts department was made where a complete car was purchased in the form of "bodyshell 1", "wheels 4" etc etc.
The parts were then subsequently modified and assembled into a competetive "E" and raced successfully. In its first competitive outing at Snetterton, Dick rolled it three times (photographs below) in very wet conditions, followed by several other cars. This resulted in a rebuild to him and the car which was completed in 10 days.

Photo's by Archie Smith

This car disappeared off the map in the late 60's however it resurfaced in the UK owned by Penny Woodley (photo below). Its discovery was confirmed by Pat Wells and Tony Ward, both whom under the tutorship of Bill Cockerill and Dick, worked on the Protheroe racing "E"'s, at a meeting in Stoneleigh in April 2012. The car was featured in an article in Jaguar Magazine March 2012 Edition 155 page 58 entitled "Revelation - Finding CUT 7 2". It is hoped that a lot more of the car will be seen at historic events in the future.

The urge for something better forced yet another visit to Jaguar Cars The result of which was the following car which was one of the four lightweights produced by Jaguar for competition use.
Light Weight 'E' Chassis EC1001 Engine no E5033-9 Gearbox C7513 Body No. R2181 steel Project Number ZX 537/30;
First of an intended team of cars for international GT racing; lighter gauge steel body with Sayer-designed 'low drag' roofline; project proceeded very slowly and car was first run on 17/1/62; after gathering dust in the Experimental Dept, car sold to Dick Protheroe in mid-1963; Reims, 2nd 1st in GT class; TT, Goodwood. 6th; Snetterton! 5th; 1964 Daily Express Silverstone, 6th; Spa 500Kms,12th; Nurburgring 1000Kms, crashed in practice Reims 12 Hours 'with John Coundley, 8th & 1st in class; Autosport Three Hours, 10th; Paris 1000Kms Montlhery, with Coundley, 7th & 1st in GT class; February 1965 advertised at £3200; sold to David Wansborough; TT, Oulton Park, went off into lake; then believed owned by Messrs David Wansborough, Robbie Gordon & John Fellowes; sold to Mike Wright who campaigned it in hill climbs & sprints; sold to Robbie Gordon; 1973 sold to Adrian Hamilton for £1850; sold to Robert Danny; sold to Walter Hill (Florida, USA); c1990 sold to Sir Paul Vestey; rebuilt by David Cottingham & RS Panels; c1994 sold, via Adrian Hamilton, to David Pennell (UK); 1995 sold to Viscount Cowdray (UK).