Dick Protheroe 1922 - 1966

Born 30th November 1940 Bill Cockerill died on 4th April 2012. He started working for Dick in late 1957 starting his apprenticeship in October 1958 which was completed in October 1963. Bill was responsible for the building of the XK120 CUT 6 and all three "E" types bearing CUT 7.
He was joined in the early 60's by Pat Wells and then latterly Vick Vickers who subsequently carried on the work with CUT 7 and CUT 8 after Dicks death in 1966.
Bill married Betty Marlow from Husbands Bosworth in 1962. He carried on working for Dick until 1965 when he left to join King Trailers. In 1966, after Dicks death, Rosemary (Dicks wife) asked Bill to return which he did in 1969 until 1971 when he emigrated to Canada with his wife and family. He remained there until his death in 2012.

Bill Cockerill (left) and son.

Autosport (Bill on far left)

Bills grandson keeping up tradition.