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This page is about my experiences when changing from Microsoft to Linux. This site has been created in a Linux enviroment and hosted on Linux servers. I also offer support as a contractor. This is not a guru or technical guide however there are links to related articles and websites. It gives some information about some of the programs used and why.
Links to scripts or commands that have proved usefull and may be of interest to you are towards the end of this page.
Now added a " Whats New " page to document changes in the Linux pages.
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LinuxMint Logo
For many years from the early years of a Linux PC I have followed and installed several flavours of this brilliant concept. From the early frustrating learning days through to the current clean, very useable desktop flavours of which my current favourite is LinuxMint 6. Click on the logo for my experiences with this excellent version. August 2009 updated to Mint 7 "Gloria"
Novell Suse website
Novell Suse 8 onwards was probable my longest serving Linux flavour until Linux Mint 6 came along.
RedHat website
Red Hat - ahh! - the first foray into Linux and what an adventure and learning curve that was. Luckily I had considerable programming experience from my business days so getting to grips with it was not too difficult. Those days were mired by obscure program names, searching for libraries and required dependencies etc. Updating versions generally meant all my personal setup would get destroyed !!
SeaMonkey website
Seamonkey is used for the creation of this website. It is a combined browser, html editor (like Front Page), email client and IRC chat program. You can publish your pages direct from within the editor. There is a roaming profile so that your settings can be picked up easily from another computer. So far it has proved very easy to use and reliable.
Smoothwall website
Smoothwall is an excellent standalone firewall that protects our network. Easy to install on an old low spec PC it sits there between the router and the internal network protecting against all the nasty things (and people) in the "cloud". It is self updating and requires very little, if any, maintenance. Statistics and logs are comprehensive.
Last reboot was some 250 days ago after a power cut. It now has its own battery backup.

Star Office website

Star Office is a direct replacement within Linux for Microsoft Office. The suite can read and save files in  Microsoft format and has much of the day to day functionality. Its also available for Microsoft Windows platforms as a direct replacement for MS Office products.
Ulteo home page
Ulteo is a system which allows Linux and Microsoft type software to live on the same desktop. It uses a Linux server to provide Linux software such as Open Office and a Windows server to provide legacy software. The desktop can be Microsoft, Linux or Mac and all software can be run side by side. Click the icon for more information.
This is a great editor for programming as it is relatively easy to use and yet offers a lot of functionality.
Click the link for some basic knowldge, tips on using it and programming.
This script demonstrates the use of the "date", "bc", "find" and "touch" commands in Linux. Be aware that there may be variations in command functions for your particular Linux flavour. Click the link to download the file as instructions etc are supplied within.